Who is Dr. Easy? It’s the question on everybody’s lips here at Film4, and something I’m very excited about as the Executive Producer of the project. Visual arts collective Shynola have provided us with an answer, by way of introducing you to their new production blog charting the progression of this new Film4.0 and Warp commission:

Dr Easy

“It is not a ‘who’ at all. What is Dr. Easy? Our first foray into film, without music or the safety net of a pop star and their legions of fans.

It’s also a teaser for a feature film we’re developing with Warp Films and Film4.0, called ‘The RedMen’. An unorthodox UK based science-fiction. There are no laser guns or aliens, rather a horribly plausible invasion of technology into personal identity. And robots.

We’re keeping a Dr. Easy production diary here. We’ll be posting any novel items we find that may amuse you.

Please add us to your blogroll and join us when you can.”

- Chris, Jason & Kenny (Shynola)

Exciting news or what? We’ll be posting select updates from Shynola on key Dr. Easy milestones here on the Film4 blog, but hardcore fans should keep checking the Dr. Easy production blog to make sure you don’t miss a moment of their creative process.