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Cannes 2016: 10 Picks

14 Apr, 2016 Posted in: Cannes, Cannes, Festivals, Opinion site editor and festival newbie Michael Leader selects ten films from the Official Selection at this year’s Cannes Film Festival that he can’t wait to see…

Go easy on me, I’m new around these parts. Yes, this year will be my first attending the cinema calendar’s glitziest and buzziest festival, and I’m just about keeping my composure. A good start is to dive into the Official Selection, and pick a few must-see films that will act as a guiding light …

Cannes 2016: 10 picks

14 Apr, 2016 Posted in: Cannes, Cannes, Festivals, Opinion

Catherine Bray runs her eye over this year’s line-up and selects ten films she can’t wait to watch at the 69th Cannes Film Festival

The official line-up is now locked and loaded, so time to have a rummage and work out what we’re keenest on seeing at Cannes this year. Directors’ Fortnight and Critics’ Week have yet to announce, and as ever, it’s undoubtedly the case that I’ll walk away after the festival with favourites that came nowhere near my radar …

Daniel Battsek takes over as Director of Film4

08 Apr, 2016 Productions Posted in: Film4 staff, News

Channel 4 Chief Executive David Abraham today announced that Daniel Battsek will join the corporation as Director of Film4, following the news that David Kosse is to step down to join STX Entertainment.

Battsek will join Film4 in July, relocating to the UK from New York after fulfilling his contract as President of Cohen Media Group – where he has overseen the acquisition and release of projects including back-to-back Oscar® nominees Timbuktu and Mustang, as well as a development and production …

Paul Goodwin on Future Shock! The Story Of 2000 AD

04 Apr, 2016 Posted in: Directors, Documentaries, Film4 Channel, Interview

As Future Shock! The Story Of 2000 AD receives its TV premiere, director Paul Goodwin talks to Film4 site editor Michael Leader about making a documentary about the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, home to iconic characters such as Judge Dredd, and launchpad for some of the medium’s most influential writers and artists…

ML: What’s your history with 2000 AD? Were/are you a reader?

PG: Yes! Pretty much everyone involved in the production of the film are fans of 2000 AD of one era …

Clint Mansell’s Favourite Soundtracks

16 Mar, 2016 Productions Posted in: Soundtracks, Talent

As High-Rise hits UK cinema screens, score composer Clint Mansell (Moon, Requiem For A Dream, The Fountain) shares with Film4 his favourite film soundtracks…

1. Main Title (from Assault From Precinct 13)

Minimal, brooding, analog synth score. Great main theme, constantly keeps the tension high.

2. Betty et Zorg (from Betty Blue)

Beautiful score that just makes you ache for Betty and her doomed plight.

3. Love Theme (from Blade Runner)

Possibly the greatest score of all time?

4. Festival / Mirie It Is / Summer Is …