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Screenwriter’s Diary, Part One: Jack Thorne on The Scouting Book For Boys

27 Aug, 2008 Productions Posted in: Behind The Scenes, Guest blog, Writers

BAFTA-winning screenwriter Jack Thorne has worked on TV’s Skins, Shameless and This Is England, and wrote the Film4 production The Scouting Book for Boys, directed by Tom Harper. Here, he shares his diaries from the making of the film

My name is Jack Thorne. I wrote The Scouting Book For Boys. I want to call this diary Notes From A Hole In The Floor, after my first-ever screenwriting job. I was employed by a great man called Pawel Pawlikowski and …

Director’s Diary, Part 1: Tom Harper on The Scouting Book For Boys

Director Tom Harper shares his diary from the production of The Scouting Book For Boys

Saturday 07 June 2008

Recce to the Suffolk and Norfolk coastlines. As some of our finance is from Screen East we need to film in what they call Objective Two areas in the East of England. This drastically limits where we can film, but I think there are enough interesting locations within these areas to make the film work. Not as good as the perfect caravan park …