In Fear writer-director Jeremy Lovering writes for about the experience of pitching up in Sundance with your first theatrical feature film…


Evening one

Ah, so this is another side of film festivals. Main street is crushed. We meet up with Harold Van Lier, Danny Perkins and Shyama Friedenson from Studio Canal, Katherine Butler and Sue Bruce-Smith from Film4 and my agent Maha Dakhil from CAA.

They trusted and enabled me to make the film and now they enable me to drink spiced mulled apple cider and vodka in the mountains. Maybe it’s the altitude but I’m thinking these are just the best people in the world. They are all massively savvy about films and making films but here they just seem like great company.

I have press interviews and my first screening tomorrow so whilst they all go off to dance in a huge Lodge in the mountains, I of course go to bed early… of course.

Sundance is definitely unique

Sundance is definitely unique