We’re absolutely thrilled to start the week with the news that Film4′s first ever multiplatform commission has been nominated for a BAFTA for Digital Creativity in the upcoming Craft Awards.

DREAMS OF YOUR LIFE takes the form of a darkly playful interactive experience inspired by Carol Morley’s acclaimed feature film Dreams of a Life.

Morley’s documentary movingly pieces together the true story of thirty-eight year old Joyce Vincent, whose skeleton was discovered in her bedsit three years after she had died.

The accompanying digital experience www.dreamsofyourlife.com was commissioned by Hilary Perkins for Film4 and developed by game design studio Hide&Seek as a thought-provoking and moving response to the themes explored in the film.

Award-winning writer A.L. Kennedy crafted the absorbing and sometimes unnerving narrative, which prompts responses to questions on society, friendship, love and loneliness. This is played against the backdrop of beautiful and haunting time-lapse imagery, created by artist and photographer Lottie Davies.

Multiplatform Commissioner Hilary Perkins told me the project was fascinating “Our usual approach to working with stories in a digital way is usually to tease out the characters and narrative and play them out via things like social networks, games or mobile apps. But Joyce’s story and the film Dreams of a Life are very different so we had to find a different approach. The film evokes some complex emotional responses, and Dreams of Your Life gets right to the essence of how Joyce’s story makes us feel, and weaves these personal feelings with the themes of the film. It’s unlike anything I’ve commissioned before, and Film4 took a big risk in having this as a first multiplatform commission, so I’m hugely excited that it’s been recognised with this nomination.”

The experience has since engaged tens of thousands of users and demonstrably driven never-before-reached audiences to the feature documentary. It has also offered audiences of the film an opportunity to further immerse themselves in the themes of the film and to understand their own place in the world following the emotional journey of the film.

The “thought-provoking and emotional experience” has already been named among Creative Review’s best projects of the year and Fast Company perhaps most poignantly noted “There’s something sadly true about [the site]: The best way to learn about the perils of not connecting with the people around you is to spend a half an hour on an awesomely absorbing website, not connecting with the people around you.”

Film4.0 have since built on this fantastic success with the innovative street game extension Would Anyone Miss You? which was launched at SXSW to great acclaim.

Alex Fleetwood, Director of Hide&Seek told me “we’re absolutely thrilled to have been nominated for this award, which recognises the craft of many collaborators, to whom we’re very grateful. It’s our belief that the future of transmedia work lies in genuine collaboration between designers, developers, artists and film-makers, and we hope that this project is a positive step towards that goal.”

Congratulations to the whole team and to our colleagues at Channel 4 who’ve scooped two of the other 3 nominations in the category for their amazing work on MISFITS and LIVE FROM THE CLINIC!

You can play DREAMS OF YOUR LIFE here and the DVD of the film is out now and available to buy here.