As his remake/reboot of Sam Raimi’s 1981 splatstick horror classic Evil Dead hits UK cinemas, Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez blogs for about making “the perfect Evil Dead movie”.

Sam Raimi announced the Evil Dead remake back in 2006, and by some weird twist of destiny, three years later I ended up being the guy in charge of making it. I was intimidated, thinking that Evil Dead fans would tell me what I did wrong, but right at the beginning, Sam said something very important to me, he said “don’t make the film you think I want to see or the film you think audiences want to see because that’s impossible to know – make the film that you want to see in the theatre”.

So, a lot of the creative process was based on my idea of the perfect Evil Dead movie. Back home in Uruguay, I grew up with a bunch of film-freak friends and we used to make films together and obsess over horror movies. I must have seen the original Evil Dead a thousand times, so I realised that it would be pretty boring to see the same story again on the big screen, because we all know exactly how it’s going to end. And I knew that if I was a fan going to see a new Evil Dead movie, I would never in a million years want to see a new Ash. That’s impossible, because how could anyone other than Bruce Campbell be Ash? So, I thought, let’s just create some new characters, and have a new story with a similar setting and similar beats to the original – and create the goriest film we could!

The thing is, I don’t think people have anything against remakes. I think the problem is with bad movies, and sometimes remakes can be bad movies, so when people hear that there’s going to be a remake of a film they love, they expect the worst, because it’s linked to the other movie. So, this definitely not a re-make, and it’s definitely not just a sequel because it wouldn’t make sense for a new audience. It’s just a new Evil Dead movie – the Evil Dead movie I’d want to see.