As The Imposter garners two Bafta nominations and is released on BluRay and DVD, producer Dimitri Doganis reflects on the film’s journey from inception to awards recognition.

The Imposter’s recent nominations for Best Documentary and for Outstanding Debut were the latest installments of a pretty amazing journey we have been on with the film as first-time film-makers. It was about this time last year that the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival – that evening felt like the end of the struggle to make the film and get it seen, little did I realise at the time it was the start of another cycle – the exhibition, promotion, discussion and (luckily!) celebration of the finished film.

Since then we have been lucky enough to get some amazing responses: Bart’s vision for the film has seen us get some great reviews almost across the board in the UK, US and elsewhere, we’ve been lucky enough to travel around the US and Europe to some amazing film festivals, and even picked up some awards at some of them (Miami, HotDocs in Toronto, Zurich, Cinema Eye Honors in New York).

One year later and the film is no longer in theatres, the DVD is out, and the cycle feels like it’s coming to an end. While I’ve made a lot of documentaries for TV, there is something very different about the experience of the last year. It’s amazing getting the instant feedback from the audience that the cinema allows, but it is also a surprisingly long road to travel – and not just in terms of air miles. From Sundance to the US release and then the UK release, the various film festivals, and the up and coming European premiers, it’s a very drawn-out and time-consuming process!

I am not complaining – I think I’m incredibly lucky to be here, and live in hope that I’ll get to repeat the process with the next film. Bart is being inundated with Hollywood scripts, and there are suddenly all sorts of doors opening. I can see how easy it would be to be distracted by what seem like amazing opportunities, but we are already pretty deep into the next film – another true story you couldn’t make up – and so I guess the cycle is about to start again. I can’t wait…

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