As High-Rise hits UK cinema screens, score composer Clint Mansell (Moon, Requiem For A Dream, The Fountain) shares with Film4 his favourite film soundtracks…


1. Main Title (from Assault From Precinct 13)

Minimal, brooding, analog synth score. Great main theme, constantly keeps the tension high.

2. Betty et Zorg (from Betty Blue)

Beautiful score that just makes you ache for Betty and her doomed plight.

3. Love Theme (from Blade Runner)

Possibly the greatest score of all time?


4. Festival / Mirie It Is / Summer Is A-coming In (from The Wicker Man)

Pagan folk music amplifies the weird,off-kilter, ‘where am I and what have I wandered into’ feeling. Unique.

5. Doina Lui Petru Unc (from Picnic At Hanging Rock)

Seductive, trance-inducing, dream state! With pan pipes!

6. Side A (from Eraserhead)

Dense, alienating, droning, perfect. PLAY LOUD!

High-Rise is released in UK cinemas on Friday 18th March. Clint Mansell’s Uneasy Listening tour travels the UK in March, for further details, visit